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Add-missing-automated-tests sprint

Your project has moved from a legacy codebase without sufficient test coverage? You are aware of the importance of reliable, automated tests but currently cannot afford to focus on implementing automated end-to-end tests? You would like to invest in your project's quality in the long run?

This sprint package will design and implement automated end-to-end test scenarios for your project to make sure the quality standards are met again. I will work together with your team to analyze the current state of the software tests. This sprint will implement reasonable automated tests that raises the quality bar and add tailored testing frameworks that your developers can use in the future to maintain proper software quality.


The goal of this sprint is to improve the quality of your enterprise project by adding missing automated end-to-end tests. Tailored testing solutions will be implemented that your team of developers can use in the future to implement software tests with high productivity.

Target projects

This workshops is targeted for Enterprise Java projects of any industry.