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Java Enterprise code review sprint & consultation

You want to increase the software quality of your project — and as a side effect educate your engineers? The time and effort spent on future developments should decrease?

I'm offering code review sprints of two weeks for Java Enterprise software projects that cover the whole system architecture as well as the application code. One week will be spent searching for potential issues, anti-patterns and architectural weaknesses. The second week will be spent fixing minor issues and presenting the findings and results together with subsequent actions points to the teams of developers.


The goal of this sprint is to improve the quality of your enterprise projects, lower your costs for future development and — as a side effect — educate your team of engineers. After the two weeks the engineers will have a cleaner code base and a clear view about the state of their project. My motivation is to use my knowledge in Enterprise Java gathered from projects and work on the standards to improve real-world projects.

Target projects

This workshops is targeted for Java EE projects of any industry.