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Developer productivity and software craftsman mindsets

You have a highly-motivated team of developers who strive to improve their skills and productivity? Your developers want to know how to be more effective when developing software?

This 1-day workshop covers the mindsets and skillsets of highly effective developers as well as tips and tools. We will see what methodologies and tools are there to maximize the focus and productivity of software developers. We will cover how time management and “deep work” practices support engineers to get and stay in the flow as long as possible.



The goal of this workshop is to build up awareness and knowledge about productivity while developing software. After this workshop day the attendees will know the methodologies and mindsets how to maximize their effectiveness and minimize overhead, regardless of the used technologies. This workshop aims to increase not only the productivity but developers' focus and ultimately the joy in developing software solutions.

The topic of this in-house workshop will be tailored to your specific situation. For example, if your project uses specific tools and technologies, the approaches will be customized to improve the effectiveness your environment and toolchain.

Target audience

This workshops is targeted for software developers who want to learn more about being effective as an engineer. Basic programming experience is advisable for this workshop. All workshop material will be made available for attendees.