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Modern, business-oriented Java Enterprise development

Are you using the latest Java EE APIs with all their benefits? Do you want to maximize the efficiency, agility and “production-readiness” of your enterprise environment? Would you like to run your enterprise applications in modern environments powered by Docker, Kubernetes or OpenShift? Are you afraid of software releases? Do you release new features as much and often as you and your customers would like to — with predictable quality? How reliably can you test the features of a new software release? Do your software tests run in a fully automated way without human intervention?

This 4-day workshop covers how to develop, build and run enterprise applications in the year 2017. It show how to craft Java Enterprise applications that focus on the business domain and revenue-generating features. We will see how the Java EE APIs support us in this goal. Spoiler alert: You will be able to delete a lot of unnecessary code afterwards.

Container and container orchestration technology represents the state-of-the-art way to ship and run enterprise applications. We will see what the benefits of technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift are and how they support to reliably operate scalable, production-ready applications.

Continuous Delivery pipelines are a required to reliably ship applications with predictable quality. We will cover why we should care about this topic, where the benefits and potential pitfalls are and how to realize effective and reasonable pipelines. The Continuous Delivery solution will use the previously introduced container orchestration environment.

New software releases need to tested — in an effective, automated and reliable way without human intervention. We will cover how to implement enterprise tests, not only on code level but also whole end-to-end test scenarios. We will discuss why fully-fledged end-to-end tests are most important for your project and users and how to realize these in a maintainable way.




The goal of this workshop is to maximize the attendees' knowledge about developing modern Java enterprise applications. After the 4 days the attendees will be able to build state-of-the-art enterprise applications that focus on business logic. They will have the knowledge to assess enterprise solutions, develop containerized applications, build effective software tests as well as productive Continuous Delivery pipelines.

The topic of this in-house workshop will be tailored to your specific situation. For example, it’s possible to solely cover Kubernetes, instead of OpenShift as container orchestration solution.

Target audience

This workshops is targeted for software developers and architects who want to maximize widen their horizon about state-of-the-art enterprise software development. Java knowledge is required for this workshop. Basic as well as advanced Java EE or J2EE knowledge is advisable. All workshop material will be made available for attendees.