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Designing and implementing RESTful web services with Java

Modern communication between software systems is often claimed to be implemented in a RESTful fashion — but without using Hypermedia. How REST APIs are designed makes a big difference in long term usability and acceptance of your software.

This 1-day workshop covers how to design and implement modern REST services with Java, why it is important to take good API practise into account and whether Hypermedia is a good fit for your situation. We will see the motivations behind Hypermedia and how it supports building resilient and evolvable APIs. We will cover how to implement Hypermedia REST using Java’s standard API for RESTful web services: JAX-RS.



The goal of this workshop is to build up knowledge about REST services. After this workshop day the attendees will know to design web services depending on the specific situation and how to implement them using Java. They will know how to develop REST services as well as clients that make use of Hypermedia.

The topic of this in-house workshop will be tailored to your specific situation. For example, if your project has a specific REST service offering functionality for a specific domain, the scenario will be customized to match your specific domain. Attendees greatly benefit from workshop contents that match their specific domain as much as possible.

Target audience

This workshops is targeted for software developers and architects who want to be able to design evolvable and resilient REST APIs. Basic Java knowledge is required for this workshop. All workshop material will be made available for attendees.