sebastiandaschner about

I believe that modern IT, reasonably applied, carries a lot of opportunity for companies, startups and individuals.

I'm convinced that a correct understanding of IT and the technologies in use, makes the biggest difference in the productivity and quality of software development. Engineers who strive to deeply understand their craft will not just be more effective but ultimately happier in their daily work. I believe that there is no substitute for educating yourself as developer and building profound knowledge that goes beyond Wikipedia and Stack Overflow. It's important to understand concepts and reasoning first and only then how to implement a specific solution.

It's also the case that engineers who not only build their knowledge themselves but approach experts in the area will faster reach a higher level of quality, productivity and joy in their work. I believe that high quality, tailored workshops and consultation provide the biggest knowledge gain.

My goal is to spread knowledge in enterprise software development, to educate engineers in tailored workshops and to solve problems in consultation engagements. I strive to make software development more effective and ultimately more enjoyable.

Why sebastiandaschner?

I've been working with Java enterprise software development for many years. Besides my work for clients I set a high priority in educating developers in conference presentations, video courses and trainings. I believe that teaching others not only greatly improves their situation but also educates yourself.

As Java is an open platform where anybody can participate, I've been helping to shape the future of Java EE by serving as an Expert Group member in the JSRs for JAX-RS, JSON-P and Configuration. In 2016, I was honored by being given the title Java Champion by a group of Java leaders.

“The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle.”

These engagements — together with my work for small and big companies — enables me to gather deep understanding and insights in enterprise Java. I want to contribute this knowledge back to developers.

In my workshops, I'm at first focusing on how concepts work and why specific solutions are needed, and only then how they are implemented. It's important that all attendees fully comprehend the topic of enterprise software; they are encouraged to continue asking questions until they have gained deep knowledge in the subject.

Besides my workshops, I support my clients in tailored consultation engagements, applying expert knowledge and experience with a high claim in software craftsmanship.