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tuesday, july 31, 2018

Hello from sunny Munich and welcome to a new issue of my newsletter!

I was very happy that I could spend some time again on the beautiful and peaceful island of Crete, which I visited for the famous JCrete unconference. Besides the engaging and inspiring sessions, I consider the peacefulness, nature, and proximity to the ocean some of the best parts of it. Spending time at this unconference always boosts my motivation and productivity. This year, I could spend a few days on Crete before the unconference started, driving around with my rental scooter and enjoying some quiet time, reading, writing, and learning. Here you can get an impression on Crete’s landscape.

Needless to say, we again had very interesting sessions. My favorite two ones were on the topic of event-driven architectures, CQRS and when to choose which, as well as on the topic of future Enterprise Java, especially Jakarta EE. Looking forward to next year!

I’m very humbled that my book on modern Java EE is included in the list of “37 Best Java EE Books” by BookAuthority.


What’s new


British Isles JUG Tour

I’m very happy to announce that I will visit Java User Groups in Great Britain and Ireland, next week! I’m going to present on the topic of Cloud Native, Service-Meshed Java Enterprise With Istio, why enterprise Java developers should be excited about cloud native technologies, as well as on 7 Principles of Productive Software Developers, how to become more productive in what you’re doing every day.

The first stop, on Tuesday, 7th, will be at the Manchester Java Community, which will actually be my first time ever in that city. Which is very exciting to me, I love to visit new places or cities, looking forward!

The London Java Community will be my next stop, on Wednesday, 8th. Certainly not my first time in London, but indeed at the LJC, whose engagement and community involvement I totally admire.

The last stop will be the Dublin Java User Group, on Thursday, 9th. It has been seven years since I’ve been to Ireland; Back then, I was on a motorcycle tour, riding through most of the island. This time it’ll be by airplane, but equally exiting. I usually don’t drink alcohol, but for a Guinness I might make an exception ;-)

Really looking forward to these visits and to catch some of the British and Irish Java enthusiasm :-)


Video Courses on Java EE

I’ve published two video courses on the topic of modern Java EE 8 development.

The first one is about learning how to develop enterprise applications using Java EE 8. It covers what developers need to know in today’s world of Java EE while focusing on the latest APIs.

Check out the course on Learning Java EE 8.

The second one is about how to run Java Enterprise applications in containers and container orchestration, with Docker and Kubernetes. It covers what we need to take into account, how to dockerize applications, what the concepts of container orchestration are and how we can make the most out of Kubernetes with Java EE.

Check out the course on Containerizing Java EE 8 Apps Using Docker and Kubernetes.


Text Shortcuts in Chrome

Once again, another tool recommendation on the topic of productivity.

Auto Text Expander is a Chrome extension that expands predefined text shortcuts. You can setup your own shortcuts, such as /woeawrite once expand anywhere, and save yourself a lot of typing.

I particularly found this extension helpful when using multiple email signatures. As always, it helps a lot if you regularly take a mental step back to reflect which text snippets you keep typing over and over again.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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