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sunday, october 28, 2018

Welcome to newsletter issue #33!

I just arrived back in Munich after an amazing Oracle Code One. I enjoyed the overall conference experience, the quality sessions, and San Francisco. For me the conference felt very much like a Java One before; there was tons of Java content and many known Java community faces :-) A big thanks to the organizers for all their efforts, all speakers, and, of course, all attendees who once again made such an overall experience.

I had quite a few sessions again this year, five in total, and we organized the Community Keynote on Wednesday again, this year with a superhero theme :-) You can find some impressions of the keynote here. I had the chance to play a (German) Captain America :-)

During my flight to San Francisco I was humbled to receive the notification that I’ve been selected as a Java One 2017 Rockstar, aka Code One Star. Thanks to everyone who attended my CQRS session back then and congratulations to all fellow Code One Stars!

Now I’m back from sunny California to a rainy European weather and preparing for an exciting November.


What’s new


Oracle Code One Sessions

At Code One, I gave a few sessions, on modern enterprise software, Enterprise Java, and productive software development. You can find the session materials here:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend my sessions!


Zero downtime with Kubernetes and Istio

Kubernetes, the de facto standard container orchestration technology, has been built with production-readiness in mind. Zero-downtime rolling update deployments is one of the innumerable features that support this. However, in order to achieve real zero-downtime with Kubernetes, without breaking or loosing a single in-flight request, we need to take a few more steps.

I’ve written a two-article series on how to achieve the goal of deploying software updates to Kubernetes and Istio clusters without any user disruption. The idea was not only to show that this is possible but also to increase the understanding of how Kubernetes and Istio works under the hood. I believe that it’s a necessity to properly understand the technologies that we’re using to run our production environments.


jSpirit 2019

I’m happy to announce that jSpirit 2019 will take place from Jan 25th to 27th, 2019! jSpirit is a Java unconference held in the Bavarian Alps at Europe’s most modern distillery. For a whole weekend there will be philosophical sessions on Java, IT, and whatever one wants to talk about. This will be two days of unconference and two more optional days of skiing — all in the beautiful and (hopefully) snowy countryside in Bavaria.

I’d love too see you there! Please use the registration form linked on the website. The price includes the whole venue, food during the day, and a distillery and spirit tasting tour on Saturday. If you, like myself, don’t care about alcohol or skiing, there’s plenty of other options available, besides the unconference sessions, obviously.

You can find some impressions of jSpirit 2018 under the #jSpiritUnconf hashtag.


November Conferences And JUGs

My November will be pretty packed with conferences and Java User Group visits. The topics will be modern Enterprise Java development using Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, and cloud native technology, as well as productive software development. I’m already looking forward to speak at and attend the following events:

I hope I’ll see you at one of these events.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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