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sunday, february 16, 2020

Hi from the beautiful city of Lviv, Ukraine and welcome to another newsletter (finally). The start of the year and decade was comparably quiet with a lot of time for coding, preparing material, and enjoying time at home. We’ve held another issue of the jSpirit Unconference, and I’ve presented at an Meetup at OpenValue in Utrecht, Netherlands in January, and Java Day Lviv here yesterday so far.

Now, the conference year is slowly starting up again for me, and I hope I see you at one of the following events in the next weeks:

  • Feb, 19h-21st: DevNexus, USA

  • Feb, 29th: SnowOne, Russia

  • Mar, 14th: Java Day Istanbul, Turkey

  • Mar, 17th-19th: JavaLand, Germany

  • Mar, 24th-27th:, USA

  • Mar, 30th: KubeCon / CN4J day, Netherlands

  • Apr, 2nd-3rd: microxchg, Germany

  • Apr, 8th-9th: Heisenbug Piter, Russia

  • Apr, 11th: jProfessionals Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  • Apr, 13th: Sofia JUG, Bulgaria

  • Apr, 17th-18th JEEConf, Ukraine


What’s new


Quickly creating URIs with UriBuilder

If you have access to the JAX-RS API and an implementation in your projects (many do), then you can use JAX-RS' UriBuilder to conveniently create URIs via builder pattern using resolvable placeholder.

Have a look at the following example:

String host = System.getProperty("host", "localhost");
String port = System.getProperty("port", "8080");

URI uri = UriBuilder.fromUri("http://{host}:{port}/examples")
        .queryParam("sort", "name")
        .build(host, port);

Depending on the system properties the resulting uri will be http://localhost:8080/examples/123?sort=name, or any host and port which is overridden.

This is a convenient way to create flexible URIs for tests where the target system may change for different scopes. This API is available in everything that supports JAX-RS, for example Open Liberty, Quarkus, or other Jakarta or MicroProfile implementations.


Video course on efficient enterprise testing

Besides the longer article series that I’ve put together on the topic of efficient enterprise testing, I’ve also published a free video course on this topic. I still see a huge importance in this topic in real-world projects, and I know that some folks prefer watching videos instead of reading, so here you go :-)

I’ve put together my experiences in testing Enterprise Java projects with some non-trivial examples.

If you want to learn more how to make the topic of testing a bit more efficient, a bit more fun, more maintainable, and less annoying :-) have a look at the course.


jSpirit Unconference 2020

This year another instance of the jSpirit Unconference took place in the Bavarian Alps. We were glad that folks from quite a few countries, including Austria, Morocco, USA, and more, could join us to have relaxed discussions around Java, tech, and other matters.

You can have a look at the Twitter impressions under #jspiritunconf.

If you would like to join another Java unconference, we plan to repeat jSpirit next year, or alternatively have a look at a tweet made by Andrés Almiray with the unofficial Java unconference calendar.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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