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wednesday, july 22, 2020

Hi and welcome to another newsletter in this rather unusual year.

I’ve spent the last weeks creating videos and online material, mostly on Quarkus, Neo4J, database migrations, and cloud-native stuff. The new content is liked below, or as always, you can check out my blog or Twitter timeline.

I’ve done a few presentations at online presentations as well, at JPoint, Heisenbug, DevOops, JakartaOne, and some more, and for now it seems that most of the presentations for the rest of the year will be held virtually. It’s great to see that most of the events get more and more interactive with the attendees, so it’s not consumption only, since we have YouTube for that already, but people can ask questions and have a dialog with the presenter. I’m curious to see what other kinds of format people come up with for online events.

During this pandemic, we also celebrated 25 years of Java. In the June issue of the IBM Java Newsletter, I wrote a bit of my own story with Java. If I think back, how many things I experienced because of Java, just in the last 5 years, I think that’s pretty amazing.


What’s new


Neo4J with Quarkus and Kubernetes

I’ve created a few videos and resources how to run Neo4J on Quarkus and Kubernetes. Neo4J is a very interesting technology and I wanted to share some experience that emerged from a side project. I created some resources, how to access Neo4J OGM from Quarkus applications, how to deploy clustered and standalone Neo4J deployments, and how to perform backups and database migrations.

Checkout the links in the “What’s new” section or on my blog.


AMA live session next Monday

Next Monday, July 27th, I’ll be holding another live Q&A session, but this time, it’ll be ask me anything, without a predefined topic. Whether you have a question about being a developer advocate, Java Champion, or coffee enthusiast, feel free to ask your questions.

The session will be live on Monday, 6 pm CEST / 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT for 45 mins.

You can create a calendar reminder or directly join the event here.

Add your questions to this GitHub issue or ask them live on the chat during the show.

I’m looking forward to your questions!


Impressions Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

In this Twitter thread, I shared the first impressions of my Ultimate Hacking Keyboard that I recently purchased. After having it tried for several weeks, I’m really happy with the quality and flexibility of this keyboard, and can recommend to have a look at it, if you’re into proper keyboard devices.

In the thread, I also shared my modified keyboard layouts for the different modifier layers. In my opinion, the multiple modifier layers are the biggest selling point of this keyboard.


The Effective Developer podcast — new episodes

This is a reminder that, if you haven’t done so already, you can check out The Effective Developer podcast on how to become more productive as software developers. I’m regularly sharing tips and insights how to make our job more effective, more automated, and more enjoyable. The episodes are short enough that you can listen to them during a coffee break or cooking session at home.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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