sebastiandaschner offerings


You want to improve your company's productivity and software quality? Then educating your developers to improve skills and understanding in enterprise software in professional workshops provides an opportunity to do so. In-house workshops simplify your company's efforts and enable tailoring the content to your specific situations.

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Problem-solving sprints

You want to solve a more specific problem in your project? I offer my services in sprint packages tailored to your situation to tackle a specific topic and enabling your team to continue to focus on revenue-generating features.

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Consultation / conferences

You have another enquiry? Feel free to contact me.

Why sebastiandaschner?

I've been working with Java enterprise software development for many years.

Besides my work for clients I set a high priority in educating developers in conference presentations, video courses and trainings. I believe that teaching others not only greatly improves their situation but also educates yourself.

As Java is an open platform where anybody can participate, I've been helping to shape the future of Java EE by serving as an Expert Group member in the JSRs for JAX-RS and JSONP. Doing so — together with my work for small and big companies — enabled me to gather a much better understanding and insight in that technology. I want to give that knowledge back to developers.

My offerings are available in English or German.