sebastiandaschner offerings

Open classroom workshops

You want to get better at what you're doing, ideally with an interactive workshop where you can ask questions? I'm organizing virtual workshops on selected topics that aim to boost your knowledge, skills, and productivity.

Stay tuned for the next workshop dates.

Company-internal workshops & coaching

You want to improve your company's productivity and software quality, and to have a setup where we can discuss project-specific challenges? Dedicated workshops and individual coaching might be for you. The engagements are tailored to your specific situation to simplify your company's efforts.

See a list of offered topics.

Code reviews

You want to improve your code and overall software development project? I'm offering code reviews that improve the situation not only in your code base but also the overall process of how you develop, test, and deliver software.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to contact me.

Video courses

You want to self-study instead? I offer video courses to individual developers and companies:

Consultation / conferences / else

For any other enquiry feel free to contact me.

All my offerings are available in English and German.