sebastiandaschner offerings

Java EE 7 migration sprint

Are you still using “J2EE” plus the correspoding application server and outdated Java version? You would like to update to a recent version but don't have the resources to do so? This sprint package will update your application to a modern Java EE 7 and Java 8 approach while your developers can continue to develop revenue-generating features.

Continuous Delivery transition sprint

You are convinced of the benefits a Contininuous Delivery pipeline offers in terms of quality and advantage in agility but you lack the time and resources to implement it? This sprint package transists your current way of building and integration your project into a Continuous Delivery pipeline all the way up to production — with reasonable and productive steps. Your developers can meanwhile continue to develop revenue-generating features.

Add-missing-automated-tests sprint

Your project has moved from a legacy codebase without sufficient test coverage? You currently can't afford to focus on ensuring quality by implementing end-to-end tests in an automated fashion? This sprint package will design and implement automated end-to-end test scenarios for your project to make sure quality standards are met again.

Java EE code review sprint & consultation

You want to both increase your software quality and educate your team of developers? I'm offering Java EE code reviews for enterprise applications that cover the whole system architecture as well as the application code. The findings will be presented and illuminated to the developer's team.