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Create effective tests or create excuses — testing the Java EE way

Testing is still a topic that most developers would like to avoid. Even though it is crucial for working software, developing and maintaining tests takes certain time and effort — especially when changes in existing functionality forces test scenarios to adapt or distribution needs to be taken into account. Omitting software tests can't be the solution; therefore, how can we tackle enterprise tests in an effective and productive way?

This session shows what is necessary to test Java EE microservices in an effective, pragmatic and automated way. It covers how to keep fast feedback, sufficient coverage, and constant development velocity while developing end-to-end tests. All of the time will be spent live-coding test cases with different scopes using different technologies. We'll see how containers and orchestration frameworks support us, especially in regard to distributed applications. I will furthermore focus on how to develop maintainable test code with high quality that embraces principles of software craftsmanship.


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