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What's new for Java in the clouds?

Over the last year or so much has been happening to Java the JVM and the Java ecosystem. Yet there is so much more to come.

In this talk hear how the Java application stack, the related open source technologies and the Java ecosystem is changing to meet the demands of Cloud. Learn what has happened so far and what more there is to come. Whether improved memory footprint, new operating modes, different deployment models or even new hardware the future of the Java in the Cloud is demanding more of developers and IT teams alike.

This talk will help you understand the economic and technical forces driving the evolution of Java and will show you a future that's even more amazing than you might imagine.

Out with the old and in with the new. Are you ready?



Thanks for attending my session! I love to share knowledge and to continuously improve. Therefore, I really appreciate your constructive feedback. Thanks for taking the time :-)

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