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Zero-downtime Java Enterprise Applications With Kubernetes

The software world moves faster than ever. In order to stay competitive, new software versions need to be rolled out as soon as possible, without disrupting active users. Many enterprises have moved their workloads to Kubernetes, which has been built with production-readiness in mind. However, in order to achieve real zero-downtime with Kubernetes, without breaking or loosing a single in-flight request, we need to take a few more steps.

This session shows what it takes to deploy and update Java Enterprise applications with minimal user disruption. We will see how to detect gaps in our deployments and how to enhance our applications as well as our Kubernetes deployments to close these gaps. We'll also see how to upgrade cluster nodes without causing the running applications to go dark. All of the time will be spent live-demoing.



Thanks for attending my session! I love to share knowledge and to continuously improve. Therefore, I really appreciate your constructive feedback. Thanks for taking the time :-)

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