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tuesday, october 09, 2018

Welcome to my newsletter #32!

The last weeks in the summer were comparably quiet but now the conference season is slowly starting again for me. Last week, I spoke at the Vienna JUG about the topic of modern Java Enterprise in the age of cloud, containers, and service mesh. I gave two presentations, on how to build resilient enterprise applications that are meant for productions and what to take into account for that, and on whether and how Java Enterprise plays along in service mesh technology such as Istio — spoiler alert: it does :-) This week I’m giving client workshops on the topics of containers and container orchestration with Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.

Next week, I’ll be traveling to San Francisco for Oracle Code One. This is the first year that it appears under the new branding, not Java One anymore, and I’m more than curious how this is going to be. I’ll have a pretty full time again, giving four presentations, and participating in many other things, as usual. You can find a list of all my sessions here.


What’s new


Java 11

You’ve probably heard the news that JDK 11 reached GA in the end of September. Even if you’re keeping yourself up-to-date in the Java world that new progress seems fast, doesn’t it? :-) Simon Ritter from Azul Systems has written a helpful article about 90 New Features (and APIs) in JDK 11.

From my experience, it is required more and more to support multiple Java installations that can be switched easily in your development environment. You can have a look at my newsletter issue 025 on how to manage multiple Java environments with jenv.


Instrumenting Porcupine With Prometheus & Grafana

I’ve created a Java EE extension that exposes the statistics of Adam Bien’s Porcupine library via MicroProfile Metrics. The extension emits Prometheus metrics which can be scraped and made visible, for example in Grafana dashboards. The reason for this extension was that we needed an easy drop-in integration for the instrumentation of Porcupine thread pools.

This blog post explains the overall process and includes an example Grafana dashboard to begin with.


Jakarta EE And MicroProfile Sessions At CodeOne

I’ve compiled a small blog post about my CodeOne sessions on Java EE / Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. I explain what my motivation behind these topics is and what attendees can expect. Of course, those you know me will assume correctly that I’ll mostly live-code and live-demo during these sessions :-) We’ll see how Java Enterprise runs in Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio clusters that are running in the cloud.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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