sebastiandaschner offerings

The idea of the workshops is that all open questions from the attendees will be answered — tailored to your specific project situation.

Java Enterprise application development in 2017

Are you still talking about “J2EE” and using it at such in your projects? Then this workshop topic is for you. We will cover how modern Java EE 7 applications are developed, built and shipped in year 2017. Spoiler alert: You will be able to delete a lot of code afterwards.

Continuous Delivery

Are you afraid of software releases? Do you release new features as much and often as you (and your customers) would like — with high and predictable quality? This workshop is about why we should care about Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment, where the benefits and potential pitfalls are and how that can be applied to your specific situation in a effective yet reasonable way.

Testing enterprise applications and software quality

For a new software release how reliably can you test new and existent features in a fully automated way without human intervention? This workshop is about the necessity of automated tests to ensure a high software quality — not only on code level but for whole end-to-end test scenarios. We will cover why fully-fledged end-to-end tests are most important for your project and users and how to realize this for your situation in a maintainable way.

Design and implementation of RESTful web services (REST such as in Hypermedia)

Modern communication between software systems is often done in a RESTful fashion. But how these REST APIs are designed makes a big difference in long term usability and acceptance of your software. This workshops covers how to design and implement modern REST services with Java, why it is important to take good API practise into account and whether Hypermedia is a good fit for your situation.

Event sourcing, distributed systems and CQRS

Event sourcing, CQRS, distributed systems, event-driven, eventual consistency — a lot of buzzwords. But even if you build a “simple, straight-forward” enterprise application, you should now about the significance and impacts of transactions (or the lack thereof) and eventual consistency. This workshops tackles the shortcomings and pitfalls of CRUD-based enterprise applications, where the benefits of event sourced and event-driven applications, respectively, are and how to implement these using Java technology.

Developer productivity and software craftsman mindset

You have a highly-motivated team of developers that strives to improve their skills and productivity? This workshops shows how to maximize a developers productivity by providing tips, tools and ways of thinking in both mindset and skillset.