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Running enterprise applications in OpenShift

You want to maximize the efficiency, agility and “production-readiness” of your enterprise environment? Are you thinking about migrating operations to containers and orchestration powered by OpenShift? Would you like to move your operational environment to cloud providers or a managed in-house solution? Do you want your developers to get guided hands-on experience using this technology?

This 4-day hands-on workshop covers the whole topic of containers and container orchestration, realized with Docker and OpenShift. We will see the motivations behind and benefits of Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift and how to effectively develop, deliver and operate enterprise applications in an OpenShift environment.

The hands-on parts give attendees a first experience and the confidence to operate the technologies themselves in project situations.




The goal of this workshop is to build knowledge about how to build enterprise applications for container orchestration environments. After the 4 days the attendees will be able to develop and operate applications in OpenShift environments. They will know how to integrate Continuous Delivery pipelines with container technology to maximize the effectiveness of the overall project environment.

The topic of this in-house workshop will be tailored to your specific situation. For example, if you’re already operating an OpenShift environment, it’s possible to execute the hands-on labs on your in-house platforms. Attendees greatly benefit from a scenario that matches their later workflow as much as possible.

Target audience

This workshops is targeted for software developers and architects who want to learn about how to build enterprise applications for state-of-the-art environments. Basic understanding of enterprise systems as well as basic Java knowledge is helpful for this workshop. All workshop material will be made available for attendees.