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saturday, november 25, 2023

Hello from a November Saturday morning!

Do you know the feeling when you think “oh, I’m glad the next time will be rather quiet, without many things going on”, just to watch it turn out the opposite? My conference and travel summer and fall turned out this way, with way more conferences, travels, and general tasks that I thought, hence also an update newsletter only now.

Since the last newsletter, I attended JAX Mainz, the CNCF Meetup in Prague, a company-internal conference in Bulgaria, Devoxx PL, the QUG (Quarkus User Group) in Munich, JCrete, Postgres Ibiza, JAX London, Red Hat Summit Vienna, JavaCRO, Java Vienna, DevCareer Day, and FooConf. I did enjoy all the events and still quite happy about the fact that the next weeks and months will be mostly travel-free :)

Over the summer, I created some Quarkus, Java, and Developer Productivity content, that I wanted to list here.

Also, if you have some money left after the Black Friday week, you can still get the 25% Black Friday discount on all my video courses. Instead of spending all that money on consumer goods, why not spend it on knowledge and developing your skills? ;)


What’s New


Video Courses 25% off for Black Friday

For Black Friday and until tomorrow, Sunday midnight (CEST), you can still get 25% off on all my video courses. So if you’re quick, you can save some money.

You can check out the detailed agenda and watch a few episodes for free to get an idea and see whether they’re interesting to you:

Of course, you retain access to the course for an unlimited amount of time.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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